The legend of the Chinels        FR - NL - DE


In a time when people still believed in magic, a little kind hunchback who lived in Fosses went from house to house to sell his wares.


After a long day at work, he went home. It was so late that, when he passed by the “Pont de l’Allou”, he surprised some old witches during their Sabbath. To thank him for his helpfulness, they relieved him of his hunch.


The next morning when the other hunchback from the area - this one was evil and hostile - knew about that, he went to the woods around midnight to meet the witches. But when he came back, he had a second exaggerated hunch ; one at the front and one at the back.


Carnival was nearing and the inhabitants of Fosses laughed at him. That’s the reason why the Chinel became the King of Carnival in Fosses.